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REAL User Groups

Welcome to all members of the REAL User groups helping to trial the site. I hope you find the site easy to use and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any problems.



  • Hi everybody I like the way this sites work, well structured
  • Thanks for leaving your comment! Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I've been on holiday. Did you manage to recommend a resource? Linda
  • Hi, it's me Ermelinda from Italy and I'd like to get involved into the discussion of Clil and specifically on the resources or materials are active on this site. Thank you. Have a nice and great day to all of you.
  • Hello Ermelinda,

    Thanks so much for leaving your comment and sorry to be slow to respond to you. here's a site that Id like to recommend to you and I'll also try to add it to Linguanet.

  • I've now uploaded this resource to the site.

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